David S. Moore


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"This was my second year teaching AP Statistics and I loved The Practice of Statistics.  I like the layout and the examples, and the Resource Binder was a LIFESAVER.  I don't know what I would have done without it!"

Tara Nee
Kingston City Schools, NY

"The Practice of Statistics" by Yates, Moore and Starnes is an outstanding textbook.  It covers topics in clear, concise language that students can understand.  The layout is wonderful, and matches the AP Statistic curriculum perfectly.  As a matter of fact, students can almost do the work on their own and really grasp the materials. The support materials are fantastic and really made my job as teacher much easier.  This is the first year we have had AP Statistics, and I felt I was able to provide the guidance my students needed without having to re-invent the wheel.  The materials use current, relevant and interesting data to work with.  The students really liked it. Thanks for providing such excellent materials.

Rob Frenchick
Hayward HS, WI

"I have used the 1st edition of "The Practice of Statistics" for the past seven years. I am now adopting the 3rd edition. I like the quality of the exercises. The exercises use data sets and studies of current interest to my students. The support materials are excellent. I have had excellent results on the AP Exam using the 1st edition text. I am confident that the 3rd edition will be much the same."

Al Sagel
Summit Country Day School, OH

"I am so excited to use the 3rd edition next year! I have already shared the changes with my current class. I love the ! points, it really helps me notice and point out potential areas of confusion or concern. I am 100% sure this edition is going to help me be a better teacher of statistics!!  Thank you for sharing it with me!"

Lisa Haney
Monticello High School, VA

"I loved the 2nd edition of this book (I used it for 6 years) and the 3rd edition is even better. When my students go on to university they send me emails documenting their success in college statistics as a result of using this text in high school. We have a 75% pass rate on the AP exam. This is from a very diverse and non- exclusive California public school."

Christine Drago
Santa Clara High School, CA


David S. Moore

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