First Edition   ©2016

Scientific American Nutrition for a Changing World with 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Jamie Pope (Vanderbilt University) , Steven Nizielski (Grand Valley State University) , Alison McCook

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-5288-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-5288-7; Format: Paper Text, 512 pages

Students use the USDA’s open-access SuperTracker to track their diet and analyze the results with personalized, auto-graded online activities.  Students get instant feedback and instructors get to save time!  Plus, we’ve made it easy for students to get started tracking their diets with an assignable SuperTracker Tutorial.

SuperTracker Tutorial – this assignable activity walks students through setting up a SuperTracker account and the basics of using SuperTracker, including how to:

-          Find foods in the database

-          Customize foods

-          Add recipes

-          Track physical activity

-          Access the reports

Analyze My Diet Activities– each activity consists of two standalone parts (auto-graded and open-ended), giving you the flexibility to choose which activities to assign and to assign them in tandem with the chapters. We’ve designed seven activities to cover the standard 3-day diet analysis project.

List of Analyze My Diet Activities:

·         Food Groups 

·         Carbohydrates 

·         Lipids 

·         Proteins 

·         Vitamins 

·         Minerals

·         Physical Activity 

Part 1 asks students to enter the data from their SuperTracker reports into a table, then answer questions about their intake based on the data.  The correct/incorrect answers are personalized and the results are auto-graded.  

Part 2 consists of open-ended questions that ask students to further analyze their intake and potential changes to their diet.  These questions can be edited to suit your course.   Great food (pardon our pun!) for thought for students working with their own unique data.