Worth Publishers is committed to supporting every instructor, professor, and T.A. who uses our textbooks and media—through full collections of student and instructor resources, technical support, and online community forums for sharing professional resources.

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You need to have a verified Instructor Account to receive copies of printed instructor resources and review copies of textbooks. In addition, an Instructor Account allows you to:

  • get our fastest service and support online;
  • order exam and desk copies of any of our student resources;
  • download our premium coursepacks to plug into your course management system;
  • and get full access to our premium media for students.

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Your Instructor Resources

Instructor manuals, PowerPoint slides, first day of class materials, test banks—all of these are available to you at no cost. To find the resources that go with your book or site, browse or search for it and click on the "Instructor Resources" tab.

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Meet Our Authors

Our authors are leaders in their disciplines, exploring new ways to solve classroom challenges. Our Author Gallery includes bios, videos, blogs, and recorded webinars for many of our authors.

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Our reps have relationships, not accounts—and matching students and teachers with the right tools is what they do best. Find your rep to get the conversation started.