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What do you need for class today?  We know that what happens in the classroom matters. A good class, teacher, and textbook have the power to inspire students, sometimes to even change their lives. With this goal in mind, in 1966, Robert Worth and his colleagues created Worth Publishers, a company dedicated to publishing a highly selective list of college textbooks, each individually developed to meet the needs of students and teachers. 

When you need the best content for your classroom. We publish exclusively in three disciplines in the social sciences—psychology, sociology and economics—producing only those titles that illuminate their field with impeccable content, lucid and lively writing, and a distinct authorial voice and vision for the course. Focusing on a limited number of titles allows us to devote more time and care to each book, specifically tailoring each to fit the course for which it is intended. Over the years, our booklists have included highly respected bestsellers, and we are currently proud to be the home of the world’s leading introductory psychology series (written by David Myers) and 2008 Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s introductory economics texts among other stellar texts.

When you need
innovation. Our size makes us nimble, allowing us to keep pace, book by book, with changes in disciplines, in demographics, and in pedagogy. We follow the same principles today that Worth Publishers was founded on: Understand the disciplines we publish for—know where their courses are headed, know what they need.  

When you need choice — in content, delivery, and price. We don’t force people to buy the latest edition or push a particular package. We strive to keep our prices low—with a value option for every kind of book we publish. And our custom program helps you mix your content with ours and choose something built just for you.  

When you need good online and video content. We create media to add value to your course, not to raise the price for students. Whether you want to use a little or a lot, we have an option for you. We’ve got the content for your course—from images to audio to video to eBooks to online course sites—you choose how you want it delivered.  

 When you need help. We know that it’s not enough to produce books and media that work in the classroom—we have to make sure that they work for you, whenever you need them and wherever you fall on the digital curve. This is the Worth guarantee: We offer full support to everyone who uses our classroom tools.  

Not sure how to find what you need? Our publisher’s representatives build relationships, not accounts—they match students and teachers with the right texts, ancillaries, and support. The Worth experience means consultation about what works best for you, not a hard-sell on the biggest product on this year’s list. 

Visit worthpublishers.com/myrep to find your rep—whose job it is to help you find what you need. 

We have what you need for class today.