Macmillan Learning

When You Are Thinking about Affordable Resources

We know that many of you have the mission to promote student success by providing affordable learning options.

As a family-owned publisher believe that high quality content and great support make a difference, and we also take student concerns and the need for affordable solutions really serious. Here are the best options for affordable high quality content:


Our ebooks are at least 50% less than the cost of the printed book, and the cost goes down as the book and edition get older. Students can choose the length of access that works for them and their budget.


The unbound, printed versions of our textbooks are often available at a deep discount—and still provide students with the resources they need, in a printed format.

Book Rentals

With our new Macmillan Learning Student Store, students can rent printed books directly from us, at a discount, and even packaged with additional student resources like study guides or brand new online access codes.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are looking to create a customized version of one of our textbooks, author your own text, or incorporate our content with your own, we are uniquely poised to help create resources that align with your curriculum and pricing objectives both in print and online.

Inclusive Access

With our digital discount programs, Macmillan Learning Ready, college students can save on downloadable course materials that are available before the first day of class. These digital programs give students an easy, affordable way to get the materials they need for classroom success.

Sapling Learning

Available for Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Physics.

Our online homework solution, which can be paired with any title (including those from OpenStax), will give your students access to excellent resources, without the high cost.


Available for Economics and Physics.

Designed to work with any textbook, FlipIt gives your students access to resources before class to help make your class discussions more engaging—all at a reasonable cost.

Intellus Open Courses

Intellus Open Courses make adopting open educational resources (OER) easy. Built around OpenStax textbooks, and supplemented with resources created by subject-matter experts and reviewed by Macmillan editors, Intellus Open Courses are fully-customizable and delivered through the campus LMS. Powerful engagement analytics that are the cornerstone of the Intellus platform, are also available with Intellus Open Courses.

Do the Math.

Working with Macmillan Learning CAN be AFFORDABLE. And you can still get all the service and support you are used to!

Talk to your representativefor more information (including pricing that falls within the rules of your institution or state).