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A Bedford Spotlight Reader

Andrew J. Hoffman

©2016First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457690303

An Insider's Guide to Academic Writing
A Brief Rhetoric

Susan Miller-Cochran; Roy Stamper; Stacey Cochran

©2016First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319020309

Habits of the Creative Mind

Richard E. Miller; Ann Jurecic

©2016First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457681813

Real Writing with Readings
Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work, and Everyday Life

Susan Anker; Nicole Aitken

©2016Seventh EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319003197

A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version

Diana Hacker; Nancy Sommers

©2016Seventh EditionSpiral BoundISBN-13: 9781319011130

Writing in Response

Matthew Parfitt

©2016Second EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457672699

Reading to Learn and Writing to Teach
Literacy Strategies for Online Writing Instruction

Beth Hewett

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457663994

The Online Writing Conference: A Guide for Teachers and Tutors

Beth Hewett

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457684326

America Now
Short Readings from Recent Periodicals

Robert Atwan

©2015Eleventh EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457687426

Teaching with Lunsford Handbooks

Andrea A. Lunsford; Alyssa O'Brien; Lisa Dresdner

©2015Second EditionInstructor ResourcesISBN-13: 9781457681707

The St. Martin's Handbook

Andrea A. Lunsford

©2015Eighth EditionCloth TextISBN-13: 9781457667244

Real Writing Interactive
A Brief Guide to Writing Paragraphs and Essays

Susan Anker

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457696633

Models for Writers
Short Essays for Composition

Alfred Rosa; Paul Eschholz

©2015Twelfth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457667848

Writer's Help 2.0, Hacker Version (Twelve Month Access)

Diana Hacker; Stephen A. Bernhardt; Nancy Sommers

©2015Second EditionWriter’s HelpISBN-13: 9781319025786

Writer's Help 2.0, Lunsford Version (Twelve Month Access)

Andrea A. Lunsford

©2015Second EditionWriter’s HelpISBN-13: 9781319025762

Displaying 106-120 of 173