Find out what students and instructors are saying about LaunchPad

Find Out what students and instructors are saying about LaunchPad.

What students are saying...

  • What did you like about LaunchPad?
    Duration: 00:01:59
  • What did you think of LearningCurve?
    Duration: 00:02:28
  • Do you really use an e-Book?
    Duration: 00:01:18
  • How does LaunchPad compare to other products?
    Duration: 00:02:20
  • What is your overall impression of LaunchPad?
    Duration: 00:00:48
  • What is your favorite part of LaunchPad?
    Duration: 00:01:04
  • How would you describe LaunchPad to your friends?
    Duration: 00:00:32
  • What is the biggest advantage of having LaunchPad as a resource?
    Duration: 00:01:27
  • How has LaunchPad helped improve your grades?
    Duration: 00:00:36
  • Would you want to use LaunchPad again in other classes?
    Duration: 00:00:28

What instructors are saying...

  • What are the advantages you found in using LaunchPad?
    Duration: 00:00:57
  • What benefit did you see from using LearningCurve?
    Duration: 00:00:41