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Good, better, best: helping to realize student potential

Learning opens doors and changes lives. And, student success is driven by great instructors.

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Unpacking the Black Box of Efficacy

Educators are flooded with choices as digital learning tools enter the higher education market. But how can instructors know if a product will be effective for their students? And, how should they assess if claims are relevant or reliable?

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Macmillan Launches Austin Learning Lab

Last week, Macmillan Learning joined leading technology companies investing in labs - such as Apple, Google, and IBM - to open its first combined user-centered design and learning science lab, in Austin, Texas. More than 100 people joined to celebrate the launch and to hear leading experts discuss how research drives a transformation in designing next-generation learning products. "Our labs reflect our focus on and commitment to the learner," said Dr. Jeff Bergin, Vice President of Learning Research and Design at Macmillan Learning. "These facilities put learners at the center of our research and design teams and enable us to engage with our users as co-designers on a daily basis."

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Using human-centered design, learning science, and data mining to improve student success

We're delighted to launch our Learning Science and Insights website and share with you our approach. We hope there's something of interest here to all educators. 

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Two mindsets every designer and researcher should embrace

Human-centered design - and the research that goes along with it - is an ambiguous world. The nuances of humanity are messy and hard to pin down; so how can we approach our work to ensure that we're driving to solid product decisions?

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Learning science, insights, and the journey to better outcomes

I come from a family of instructors. I believe there are few richer ways to contribute to the world than to help students to achieve their potential.

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Macmillan Learning partners with leading academics to develop an innovative approach to Impact Research

Providing instructors with reliable and practical evidence about what digital educational tools will improve learner outcomes for their courses is critical to improving student success. But the complexity and variety of their educational ecosystems makes measuring the impact of educational tools difficult.  

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Macmillan Learning Redefines a Learner-Centered Strategy

Company maximizing powerful opportunity to blend learning research, human-centered design, analytics, and impact research to help educators and learners reach full potential.

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Making efficacy research more actionable

Educational technology has the potential to dramatically improve learner outcomes, but only if instructors are helped to understand what works for their students and classrooms.

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