Instructor Resources

Supporting the important work that teachers do.

We create resources for everyone from the first-time T.A. to the experienced professor. Our instructor resources—instructor manuals, user guides, video tutorials, content integration services, and more—support the important work that teachers do.

Instructor manuals, PowerPoint slides, and answer keys to accompany print books are all available to you at no cost. To find the resources that go with your book or site, use the search box at the top right to search by title, author, or ISBN. Find your book or site in the list and click on "Instructor Resources" (see circled example below). Browse the list to see what’s available for your book.


*Instructors must be registered to download and request complimentary copies of our instructor resources. Request your account to get the most from what we have to offer.

User guides, quick starts, and video tutorials to accompany media resources are all available to you at no cost. To find the materials that go with your site, browse or search for your media resource and click "Go to Site."

Content integration between a Bedford media resource and your campus course management system helps you keep track of student progress in one place.

Professional resources for English, History, and Communication support the disciplines.

E-newsletters from authors and pedagogical specialists offer dependable advice on course design, assignment ideas, technology, discussion, and teaching in today's classroom.

Free webinars run by authors and colleagues provide an easy way to have conversations about books, courses, and classroom challenges.