Student quick-starts

You’ve told us that part of the first day of class is always spent making sure students have the right book in hand and access to the right site. To help you, we make student quick-starts for fast and clear registration. Below you'll find a sampling of the kind of tools we create for each book. Find first day of class materials for your chosen book.

Using the book & student site

  • Syllabus insert: brief outline of textbook/supplemental information
  • Book orientation flyer: what to buy, where to buy it, and why you need it
  • Book orientation PowerPoint presentation: using the book and accessing the student site
  • FAQs: How to get the most out of your student site

Getting access to a Bedford Class

  • Flyer
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Syllabus insert
  • Video tutorial
  • Student Orientation video