How We Work


Our Choices

When we ask people if they want choice, they all say yes — in content, in delivery, and price. So we don’t force people to buy the latest edition or to adopt a one site-fits-all package. And we strive to keep all our prices low, with a value option for every kind of book we publish.



Our Promise

We know that it’s not enough to build books and media that work in the classroom — we have to make sure that they work for you, whenever you need them and wherever you fall on the digital curve. It’s part of the Bedford package, full support for everyone who uses our classroom tools.

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The Bedford Test Drive

How do we know what works? We talk to you — on campus, in the classroom, and at conferences. We ask you to review, and listen to what you tell us. But we also practice what we call The Bedford Test Drive: running our books and media through rigorous usability testing with real teachers and students. We know that we don’t always get it right the first time — and the only way to find out is to put our books and media to the test.