Top 10 reasons to get an e-book

1. Save your students money.

E-books are about half the cost of the print book.

2. Go green.

Save paper and help the environment.

3. Search for what you need.

Keyword search lets you find relevant content.

4. Meet students where they live—online.

Students can toggle between the text and their work wherever and whenever they’re online.

5. Customize it to make it your own.

Teachers can hide or rearrange chapters to fit how they teach the course.

6. Easy to buy.

We make it easy for students to purchase access to e-books online, perfect for online or distance-ed courses.

7. Quick access.

Students get immediate access to the course materials.

8. Share content.

Add and share sticky notes wherever you want on any page — and have your students do the same.

9. Get more than just the book.

Access exercises, tutorials, and other resources from your e-book. (Bedford/St. Martin’s e-books only)

10. Waste less space

And lighten students’ backpacks.