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At Macmillan, we offer a wealth of digital resources for over a dozen disciplines in the general education curriculum. Our online content can be deployed within specific courses or be part of a larger content repository from which your instructional design team can draw. We also work with professors, departments, or schools to deliver the type of interactive assessments and reporting needed for today's changing academic climate.

Single Sign-On Solution with your Campus LMS

Macmillan offers single sign-on with all major LMS platforms. Single sign-on allows you and your students to access Macmillan premium media content through your campus LMS course space. Students need to register and authenticate one time, and after that they are one click away from their digital content, including LaunchPad, Macmillan Portals, Classes, e-books, exercises, videos, assignments, and other materials. Regardless of your class size, you can experience single sign-on with Macmillan Portals, Classes and e-books for your course. The video below demonstrates what the single sign-on experience will look like.


We create media to add value to your course, not to raise the price for students. Whether you want to use a little or a lot, we have an option for you in the humanities. Documents, images, audio, e-books, online course spaces: we've got content for the classroom. You choose how you want it delivered.

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W.H. Freeman

WH Freeman's extraordinary array of media for the sciences offers something for every type of instructor or course – with a level of quality, variety, and convenience that is unmatched in the sciences.

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Worth Publishers

Worth Publishers offers an extraordinary array of media for the social sciences. We offer something for every type of instructor or course – with the highest level of quality, variety, and convenience for instructors and students.

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