• Eastern Michigan University

    Customized Lab Manual Built with Hayden-McNeil/LabPartner Content

    Deborah Heyl-Clegg of Eastern Michigan University began working with Hayden-McNeil in March 2013 to create an updated lab manual.  The previous edition of Chemistry 120:  Laboratory Exercises in Organic and Biological Chemistry had been in use since 1978.

    For the new edition, Deborah combined content from the earlier manual with several labs from Hayden-McNeil/WH Freeman Publishing's LabPartner database.  Deborah extensively edited the material borrowed from the LabPartner database to suit her course needs.  By utilizing editable content, Deborah was able to almost entirely revamp the previous lab manual much more quickly than if she had to start from scratch.  The new lab manual features numerous custom illustrations, a bright new cover, and a unique, modern layout.

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    California Polytechnic State University

    First Year Writing Program Student Essay Collection

    Brenda Helmbrecht at Cal Poly was a new author for the fall of 2013. Fresh Voices, a collection of writing from first-year students, is intended to help new students create their own voice while progressing as writers. The essays selected for Fresh Voices are a showcase for the talented writers in Cal-Poly's first-year writing program, and encourage a new batch of students to break old habits. 

    Brenda worked with Hayden-McNeil to create a design and layout that would be functional and eye catching. Color coded tabs help students navigate the sections of the reader with ease, and text boxes lead students to websites with additional information about topics discussed within the reader.

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    City Colleges of Chicago

    Your College Experience, Two-Year College Edition, by John N. Gardner, et al.

    In spring 2011, the faculty at City Colleges of Chicago were looking for a college success text to use throughout their seven-college system. They chose Gardner's Your College Experience, Ninth Edition, and our team helped them come up with a plan to customize the book by adding helpful content specific to their school---a letter from the Chancellor, information about courses, financial aid, and careers, and tips to help students succeed. The Bedford custom team produced a handsome text for fall 2011, with plans to move forward with a deeper customization, as the school was undergoing curriculum changes. In the following year, when the school decided to switch to the new Two-Year College Edition, our editorial team worked with their administration and faculty to adapt the book for their changing course, which included adding profiles of City Colleges of Chicago students in place of those used in the national edition. Now, each year, we meet with their team in the fall, taking an active role in helping them revise and add content---in the most recent 2015 edition, overseeing the creation of a brand new chapter on transferring to a four-year college or university. The quality of the Gardner content helped us win, and our outstanding service helped us keep, this important adoption.

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    Radford University

    Exploring Psychology, Ninth Edition with Updates on DSM-5, by David G. Myers

    Professor Jeffrey Aspelmeier was a long-time user of a competitor's psychology text, making this a rather difficult takeaway. After agreeing to review Exploring Psychology in Modules, Jeff was impressed by Myers' coverage of consciousness and drugs, opening him to the possibility of switching texts. By customizing, we were able to remove the content that was not used in his PSYC 121 course, add pages to familiarize students with the department and course policies, and provide students with resources to track their grades throughout the semester. Our competitive pricing and quality of service has kept Jeff a loyal adopter since 2008, even after his decision in 2011 to switch from the modular text to the chapter version of Exploring Psychology. The Radford University custom edition is revised annually to give students the most up-to-date information, keep pricing competitive, and ensure a high-quality product every time.

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    University of Alabama

    A Writer’s Reference, Eighth Edition, by Diana Hacker

    The University of Alabama's First-year Writing Program did not require a writing handbook until 2005, when the faculty adopted A Writer's Reference, with their main goal to achieve consistency across the program, particularly in  their coverage of sentence-level errors and writing concepts. An initial customization  in 2007 included original content alongside Bedford media access, and we produced for them a custom handbook, attractively branded in crimson, featuring a personal welcome for UA students. In 2011, program director Karen Gardiner hoped to deepen content related to course goals and objectives and maximize the usefulness of the  handbook for her students. For the seventh edition in fall 2011, the Bedford custom team worked closely with Hacker handbook editors, Karen, and her colleagues in the Writing Program to correlate goals and objectives for first-year students to support offered throughout A Writer's Reference.  The faculty also expanded handbook coverage of research and the ethical use of sources and developed an introduction to the UA Library System. Since the seventh edition, with each new academic year, we collaborate with UA faculty to help them revise and add to their content, always ensuring alignment between current goals and objectives and coverage in A Writer's Reference. Our exceptional, personalized service has allowed us to ensure delivery of a consistently high-quality product and, crucially, to maintain a close relationship with faculty in this important writing program.

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