Available 12.29.2017
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Tenth Edition   ©2018

Abnormal Psychology

Ronald J. Comer (Princeton University) , Jonathan S. Comer (Florida International University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06694-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06694-9; Format: Cloth Text

Clinical Choices immersive learning activities - these interactive activities present a mix of video, audio, note-taking and assessment functionality to engage student. Students simulate the thought process of a clinician, engaging with virtual clients to identify the symptoms of  psychological disorders (based on DSM-5 criteria) and think critically about diagnosis and treatment options.

InfoCentral feature -These infographics provide visual representations  of data related to key topics and concepts in each chapter. These eye-catching visual representations of data help students recognize trends and patterns and make connections between related topics, as well as offer fascinating snippets of information to spur interest in chapter topics.

MindTech feature - Chapter sections that give special attention to particularly provocative technological trends in engaging and enlightening ways. Critical Thought questions as k students to reflect on the effects of technology on mental health, as well as its use in innovative treatments for psychological disorders.

PsychWatch boxes - These boxed features examine text topics in more depth, emphasizing the effect of culture on mental disorder and treatment and explore examples of abnormal psychology in movies, the news, and the real world.

Trending… boxes  - These boxed features focus on hot topics that are trending, or current in abnormal psychology. Critical Thought questions encourage students to think critically about these current topics and consider different viewpoints.

Critical Thought questions - These provocative questions appear within the text narrative to ask students to pause and think critically about the material they have just read. Thinking critically about chapter contents, including MindTech boxes enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.

# marginal features (formerly “Between the Lines”) - These tweet length features offer fun and thought-provoking text relevant tidbits, surprising facts,  current events, historical facts and  enjoyable  lists and quotes.