Second Edition   ©2017

The Art and Craft of Fiction

A Writer's Guide

Michael Kardos

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-03042-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-03042-1; Format: Paper Text, 416 pages

Moves students from learning craft — to creating art.  Michael Kardos gets writers started with a focused approach to beginning, ending, and revising a story. Highly-praised chapters on how to write compelling scenes and stories move students through technique — and toward artistry.

A "boot camp" of the basics. A favorite among reviewers, a "boot camp" chapter on mechanics helps writers refine their work and avoid common errors, such as mispunctuated dialogue and comma splices.

Just enough stories. Plenty of practice. A brief anthology of 15 stories, referenced frequently with the instructional chapters, offers models that Kardos draws on in his instruction — including Tobias Wolff, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sherman Alexie, and other masters of the short story form. Lively assignments and student examples help writers build on what they learn.

Friendly, concise, and speaks to students as fellow writers.  Kardos gives students just the right amount of guidance — in a conversational tone that reviewers describe as "pitch perfect."