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Crossroads and Cultures, Combined Volume

A History of the World's Peoples

Bonnie G. Smith (Rutgers University) , Marc Van De Mieroop (Columbia University) , Richard von Glahn (University of California, Los Angeles) , Kris Lane (Tulane University)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-41017-4; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-41017-9; Format: Cloth Text, 1184 pages

What does it mean to live in global history?

Crossroads and Cultures: A History of the World’s Peoples incorporates the best current cultural history into a fresh and original narrative that connects global patterns of development with life on the ground. As the title, “Crossroads,” suggests, this new synthesis highlights the places and times where people exchanged goods and commodities, shared innovations and ideas, waged war and spread disease, and in doing so joined their lives to the broad sweep of global history. Students benefit from a strong pedagogical design, abundant maps and images, and special features that heighten the narrative’s attention to the lives and voices of the world’s peoples.
Test drive a chapter today. Find out how
Crossroads and Cultures’ approach illuminates the interplay between large-scale developments and the everyday lives of individuals. The emphasis on patterns of global change and interaction in conjunction with providing students with a clear chronology ensures student accessibility.”
—David Kalivas, Middlesex Community College

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