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The Fascist Revolution in Italy

A Brief History with Documents

Marla Stone (Occidental College)

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     Long Term Causes for the Rise of Fascism

     The First World War and the Postwar Crisis

     The Birth and Triumph of Fascism

     The Destruction of the Liberal Order and the Consolidation of the Dictatorship

     Fascist Politics and Ideology

     Italian Society, Economy, and Culture under Fascism

     War, Empire, and Defeat


1. The Birth and Triumph of Fascism

     1. Benito Mussolini, Trenchocracy, December 15, 1917

     2. Benito Mussolini, Afternoon Speech of March 23, 1919

     3. The Program of the Fascist Armed Squads, June 6, 1919

     4. The Platform of the National Fascist Party, November 1921

     5. Italo Balbo, Squadrismo, 1922

2. The Destruction of the Liberal Order and the Consolidation of the Dictatorship

     6. Law Establishing the Fascist Militia, January 14, 1923

     7. Benito Mussolini, Proclamation of Open Dictatorship, Speech to Parliament, January 3, 1925

     8. The Laws of the Fascist "Legal Revolution": Decree on Public Safety, November 6, 1926, and Law for the Defense of the State, November 25, 1926

     9. W.D. Moffat, "After Mussolini, What?" The Mentor, November 1927

3. Fascist Politics and Ideology

     10. Margarita Sarfatti, DUX, 1925

     11. Fascist Anthem, "Youth," 1917

     12. The Lateran Pacts, February 11, 1929

     13. Lauro De Bosis, The Story of My Death, 1933

     14. Benito Mussolini, The Social and Political Doctrine of Fascism, 1932

     15. Achille Starace, Going Toward the People, 1933

     16. "Three Girls Do the Roman Salute at a Summer Camp in Marina di Pietro," 1930-31

     17. Fascist Decalogues, 1928, 1936, 1942

     18. The Clarifying Word of the Duce to the World, 1939

     19. The Manifesto on Race, July 14, 1938

     20. The Racial Laws, September and November 1938

     21. The Defense of the Race, August 1938

     22. Rosetta Loy, First Words: A Childhood in Fascist Italy, 1928-1943

4. Italian Society, Economy, and Culture under Fascism

     23. Nino Sammartano, Lessons in Fascist Culture for Use in Middle Schools, 1937

     24. Programs and Courses Offered by the Fascist Women’s Organization, 1937

     25. The Italian Woman at War, 1941

     26. The Charter of Labor, April 21, 1927

     27. Benito Mussolini, On the Corporate State, 1933

     28. Benito Mussolini, The Twentieth Century: Inauguration Speech at Opening of the First Novecento Exhibition, February 15, 1926

     29. Mario De Renzi and Adalberto Libera, Façade of the Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution, 1932

     30. Ardengo Soffici, Fascist Art, 1928

     31. The Futurist Manifesto on Airpainting (Aeropittura), 1929

     32. Menin, The Battle of Uorc Amba as Experienced by the Futurist Blackshirt Menin, 1936

5. War, Empire, and Collapse

     33. Benito Mussolini, The Discourse on Empire, May 9, 1936

     34. Benito Mussolini, Orders for the Use of Poison Gas against the Ethiopians, 1935-1937

     35. Song from the Spanish Civil War: "Long Live Spain!"

     36. A Legionary’s Christmas on the Russian Front, February 1, 1942

     37. Eugenio Corti, Few Returned: Twenty-eight Days on the Russian Front, Winter 1942-1943


     A Chronology of Fascism in Italy, 1914-1945

     Questions for Consideration

     Selected Bibliography