Fourth Edition,New edition,4th edition   ©2015

Governance and Politics of China

Tony Saich

  • ISBN-10: 1-137-44527-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-137-44527-8; Format: Paper Text, 434 pages

Review of previous edition: 'Combining scholarly analysis with personal insights [the author] has produced a lively, readable study of China's profound – and profoundly painful – transition from Mao to Market.' – Richard Baum, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Review of previous edition: '[An] excellent introductory text…insightful, readable, and well-crafted. In style and in substance this is a landmark book that ought to be considered by every teacher looking for an informative and lively way to introduce…Chinese politics.' – Roy F. Grow, Journal of Asian Studies

'This book is a must-read introduction to the complex economic and political developments that have led to China's re-emergence as a global economic power.' – Niall Duggan, University College Cork, Ireland

'The strength of Saich's text is its ability to combine personal experience with a sharp analysis of the actors and structures governing Chinese politics. This new edition is his best yet: with substantial coverage of the Xi-Li government and an entirely new chapter on urbanization and rural-urban inequality, this is a crucial introduction to Chinese politics that students will find invaluable.' – Michael Barr, Newcastle University, UK