Fourth Edition   ©2017

Integrated Human Physiology Laboratory Book and Manual

Wilfredo López-Ojeda

  • ISBN-10: 0-7380-9224-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-7380-9224-9; Format: Paper Text, 666 pages
Integrated Human Physiology 4th edition offers a unique approach that differs from other lab books in the market.  First, it is specifically designed to train science and pre-health professions undergraduate students using systems-based integrated Human Physiology pedagogies, which are most commonly used in medical sciences curricula.  Second, its uniqueness relies on the leveraged integration of clinical and basic science concepts among varied human systems, using the homeostasis of the four basic human tissues as a physiological foundation.  Third, even though it touches on some anatomical aspects, it does not restrict the student’s learning to anatomy and physiology, as most undergraduate A&P lab books do.  Instead, it incorporates a unique multidimensional perspective on selected medical and basic science concepts suitably correlated to human physiology.  Altogether, it approaches the study of human physiology based on the biological template of the human body, the four basic tissues: muscle, nervous, connective and epithelium.
The book is organized into five units and ten chapters incorporating selected theoretical and practical human physiology concepts.  Each topic is mindfully accompanied with essential theoretical information, engaging lab exercises, and learning activities, including hundreds of assessment questions.  The design is simple, yet adaptive, offering robust and evocative human physiology teachings using captivating photographic and medical illustration artwork.
New content for this edition includes enhanced human physiology pedagogies, experiments, and lab activities and exercises focused on active learning.  New interactive laboratory media content available online.  Also includes material on selected integrated topics such as pH and water balance, digestive and nervous physiology.  The updated edition contains nearly 500 assessment exercises promoting critical thinking, including new and improved practice questions with detailed explanations.