First Edition   ©2013

Math & YOU

The Power & Use of Mathematics

Ron Larson (Penn State Erie)

  • ISBN-10: 1-60840-602-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-60840-602-9; Format: Paper Text, 576 pages
As the world around us changes and information comes at warp speed, it is more important than ever to be quantitatively literate. Yet most U.S. students leave high school with quantitative skills far below what they need and what employers are seeking, and virtually every college finds that many students need remedial mathematics. Based on the latest educational research, Math & YOU helps students develop the quantitative skills needed to be successful in school and the workplace, using real data, problems based on everyday situations, and activities built around topics that are recognizable and relevant. With this approach, students become comfortable with quantitative ideas and proficient in applying them.
In addition, to support the printed text, Math & YOU provides an online eBook accompanied by additional teaching aids, all part of a robust companion Web site.
Hardcover edition available upon request. Ask your local W.H. Freeman representative.
Math & YOU Hallmarks
Confidence with Mathematics.  One of the goals of the Math & YOU program is to help students become comfortable with quantitative ideas and proficient in applying them.  Students routinely quantify, interpret, and check information such as comparing the total compensation of two job offers, or comparing and analyzing a budget 

Cultural Appreciation.  Math & YOU provides examples and exercises that help student to understand the nature of mathematics and its importance for comprehending issues in the public realm. 
Logical Thinking.  The Math & YOU program develops habits of inquiry, prepares students to look for appropriate information, and exposes them to arguments so that they can analyze and reason to get at the real issues.
Making Decisions.  One of the main threads of the Math & YOU program is to help students develop the habit of using mathematics to make decisions in everyday life.  One of the goals of the text is for students to see that mathematics is a powerful tool for living.
Mathematics in Context. The Math & YOU program helps students to learn to use mathematical tools in specific settings where the context provides meaning.
Number SenseThe Math & YOU program begins with a chapter that reviews the meaning of numbers, estimation and measuring.  Throughout the rest of the program students develop intuition, confidence, and common sense for employing numbers.
Practice Skills.  Throughout the Math & YOU program students encounter quantitative problems that they are likely to encounter at home or work.  This helps students become adept at using elementary mathematics in a wide variety of common situations.