First Edition   ©2013

Math & YOU

The Power & Use of Mathematics

Ron Larson (Penn State Erie)

  • ISBN-10: 1-60840-602-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-60840-602-9; Format: Paper Text, 576 pages
Presentation Based on Research. In Math & YOU, research informs everything from the problem sets, quizzes, chapter summaries, and projects, to the page layout, color palette, and photography. All are part of a well-defined program that helps students master concepts.

Prepares Students to Think Critically and Make Everyday Decisions. Students work through quantitative problems similar to those they are likely to face at home or work. As they learn to identify and analyze appropriate information, they become adept at using elementary mathematics to make important personal decisions, such as comparing the total compensation of two job offers, or setting up a household budget.

Builds Number Sense. The Math & YOU program begins by reviewing the meaning of numbers, estimation and measuring. Throughout the rest of the program students develop intuition, confidence, and common sense for employing numbers.

Helpful Pedagogy. Chapters include Key Concept Boxes, Study Tips, Information Sidebars, Highlighted Vocabulary, Data Boxes, Checkpoints, Exercises, and Calculator Key Stroke displays.
The book companion site includes a rich array of student resources closely coordinated to the pages of text. Features include:
• Search engine
• Math Help
• Checkpoint Solutions
• Consumer Suggestions
• Reader Comments
• A glossary of terms
• Table of Contents and Index
Plus several math tools and calculators, including:
Annual Compound Interest Calculator
Area Converter
Currency Converter
Depreciation Schedule Calculator
Distance, Rate, and Time Calculator
Earnings, Rate, and Time Calculator
Fuel Consumption Converter
Length (Distance) Converter
Monthly Compound Interest Calculator
Monthly Payment Calculator
Simple Interest Calculator
Temperature Converter
Time Converter
Velocity Converter
Volume Converter
• Instructor Resource Guide
• ExamView Computerized Test Bank
(w/ Gradebook functionality) details available at