First Edition   ©2013

Math & YOU

The Power & Use of Mathematics

Ron Larson (Penn State Erie)

  • ISBN-10: 1-60840-602-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-60840-602-9; Format: Paper Text, 576 pages

Dr. Larson seems to have circumvented many of the potentially frustrating points of teaching a Liberal Arts Course. First, many of the algebra steps done in the examples are actually explained on-line. There appears to be a higher ratio of examples to explanations/definitions, and students in this course rally learn from example. My students like having such immediate help.

This is an application-driven book, where Dr. Larson has honestly put the applications first and then the mathematics needed to support them. Too many books do exactly the opposite! It is very easy to motivate my students with this book.

It has been refreshing to use a book written with the student in mind, written for practical usage, instead of written to be just “another book on the pile” with the same formatting.

This book is unique among its peers in the scope and content. It is a very user-friendly and useful book for knowing about the world around us in terms of finance, personal income and expenses, consumer and personal lifestyle. No other book has had this much of this sort of material in it that I have used.

The Math and YOU text is much more effective at using graphs to explain concepts than our previous text. The figures are clear and help students understand how to perform the mathematical calculations.  It is especially impressive how the figures also become examples as opposed to mere adjuncts.

I like how it is clear what example students can look to for context and help while doing their homework. I am very pleased with the section “Extending Concepts,” because there are problems where the students have to compare options.

The examples will grab the student’s attention as immediately relevant or relevant in the near future. I also like the red circles and arrows in the worked-out examples, explaining what is going on without resorting to paragraphs of explanations.

This is a book that presents students with a reason to learn mathematics, instead of just presenting the mathematics.

Math and YOU is an engaging book that is useful to understanding “life” and our relationship to the world of finance, consumerism, health and other practical issues that surround us every day.

The biggest strength of the Math and YOU text is its user-friendliness and PERSONALIZED APPROACH TO MATHEMATICS. It gives students a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Math…

This textbook doesn’t just teach important mathematical skills. It engages the students by quickly demonstrating the need for the skills and puts students at ease by offering ways to find solutions to daily problems without requiring strong algebra skills.