Tenth Edition   ©2016

Media & Culture 2016 Update

Mass Communication in a Digital Age

Richard Campbell (Miami University of Ohio) , Christopher R. Martin (University of Northern Iowa) , Bettina Fabos (University of Northern Iowa)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-6874-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-6874-6; Format: Paper Text, 672 pages

Cutting-edge media coverage supported by cutting-edge media with LaunchPad for Media and Culture, Bedford's course space that takes advantage of what the Web can do. Prompts in the margins of every chapter direct students to the videos, which give students an insider's look at the media industries and prompt critical thinking about them. More than 40 assignable videos include clips from movies, TV shows, and interviews with media professionals like Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, and Junot Diaz, and all are accompanied by thoughtful questions, perfect for media response papers and class discussions. LaunchPad now includes the new VideoTools, which enables instructors to add videos, create video assignments, use time-based comments for discussions, and assess video assignments using rubrics. Access to LaunchPad comes automatically with every new book.

Richard Campbell's trademark critical approach to media literacy that introduces students to five stages of the critical thinking and writing process -- description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and engagement -- and applies those stages with critical process exercises in each chapter.

Fascinating and revealing part-opening infographics that draw connections between different mass media – like how long different media took to reach mass-medium status, and how various digital devices affect our media consumption. These readable, eye-catching stats and facts explorehow the media affect our lives.

Timely digital coverage that explains the ongoing transition into digital media, the convergence happening throughout the media industries, and how these changes continue to affect the media world.

Digital Jobs Outlook box in each media industry chapter, featuring words of advice and wisdom from media professionals about what employers are looking for in the fields of gaming, television, advertising, PR, and more.