Tenth Edition   ©2014

Physical Chemistry

Thermodynamics, Structure, and Change

Peter Atkins (Oxford University) , Julio de Paula (Lewis and Clark College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-9019-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-9019-7; Format: Cloth Text, 1060 pages

Edition after edition, Atkins and de Paula's #1 bestseller remains the most contemporary, most effective full-length textbook for courses covering thermodynamics in the first semester and quantum mechanics in the second semester. Its molecular view of physical chemistry, contemporary applications, student friendly pedagogy, and strong problem-solving emphasis make it particularly well-suited for pre-meds, engineers, physics, and chemistry students. Now organized into briefer, more manageable topics, and featuring additional applications and mathematical guidance, the new edition helps students learn more effectively, while allowing instructors to teach the way they want.

Available in Split Volumes
For maximum flexibility in your physical chemistry course, this text is now offered as a traditional text or in two volumes:
Volume 1: Thermodynamics and Kinetics: 1-4641-2451-5
Volume 2: Quantum Chemistry: 1-4641-2452-3