Available 01.05.2018
Third Edition   ©2018

Scientific American Environmental Science for a Changing World

Susan Karr , Anne Houtman , Jeneen InterlandI

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05962-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05962-0; Format: Paper Text, 432 pages


In the third edition we have broken the main topics down into 11 chapters, each containing two or more modules. These modules (all identified as chapters in the prior edition) focus on specific topics within each chapter.

  • For example, Chapter 8, Food Resources, includes four modules, each related to a different aspect of feeding the world. This allows instructors to choose the modules that best meet their teaching goals.
  • The most popular modules (topics covered on most syllabi) are found in the print book; additional modules are found online in Sapling Plus, the textbook’s online platform, and in the eBook.


Four new stories keep Environmental Science for a Changing World the most current text available for the course.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Environmental, Science, and Information Literacy

  • NEW story: Module 1.2 Science Literacy and the Process of Science Fungal Attacker Threatens North American Bats
  • NEW story: Module 1.3 Information Literacy and Toxicology Lead in the Water

Chapter 4: Human Populations and Environmental Health

  • NEW story: Module 4.1 Human Populations The Kerala Model

Chapter 10: Air Pollution: Consequences of Using Fossil Fuels

  • NEW story: Module 10.2 Global Climate Change Climate Refugees


This edition has a dedicated version of Macmillan’s online platform, SaplingPlus, home to the interactive eBook and all resources. Pre-built units for each module of the text house ready-to-use assignments and activities for both traditional lecture and active classrooms. Homework questions have hints, targeted feedback, and solutions, to make every problem count.

SaplingPlus can be packaged with the printed text or purchased stand-alone as an affordable all-digital option. In addition to housing all instructor resources, pre-built units in SaplingPlus include:

  • Pre-lecture reading quizzes
  • Homework with hints, targeted feedback, and solutions
  • Interactive maps with assessments
  • LearningCurve adaptive quizzing
  • Interactive eBook with additional online modules
  • Videos
  • Scientific American content activities


The hub is home to a collection of in-class activities designed with real instructors in mind. Each activity comes with a detailed guide that introduces the activity, outlines learning objectives, and provides guidance on how to easily implement the activity in your class.