Available 01.05.2018
Third Edition   ©2018

Scientific American Environmental Science for a Changing World

Susan Karr , Anne Houtman , Jeneen InterlandI

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05962-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05962-0; Format: Paper Text, 432 pages

Chapter 1. Introduction to Environmental, Science, and Information Literacy

Module 1.1 Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Lessons from a Vanished Society

Module 1.2 Science Literacy and the Process of Science Fungal Attacker Threatens North American Bats

Module 1.3 Information Literacy and Toxicology Lead in the Water

Chapter 2. Ecology

Module 2.1 Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling Engineering Earth

Module 2.2 Population Ecology Gray Wolves Return to Yellowstone

Module 2.3 Community Ecology The Florida Everglades: A Community in Crisis

Chapter 3. Evolution and Biodiversity

Module 3.1 Evolution and Extinction A Tropical Murder Mystery

Module 3.2 Biodiversity Palm Oil Plantations Threaten Tropical Forests

Module 3.3 Preserving Biodiversity A Forest Without Elephants*

Chapter 4. Human Populations and Environmental Health

Module 4.1 Human Populations The Kerala Model

Module 4.2 Urbanization and Sustainable Communities Creating Green Cities

Module 4.3 Environmental Health Eradicating a Parasitic Nightmare

Chapter 5. Managing Resources: Environmental Economics and Policy

Module 5.1 Ecological Economics and Consumption Wall to Wall, Cradle to Cradle

Module 5.2 Environmental Policy The World Tackles Ozone Depletion

Module 5.3 Managing Solid Waste A Plastic Surf

Chapter 6. Water Resources

Module 6.1 Freshwater Resources Toilet to Tap

Module 6.2 Water Pollution Suffocating the Gulf

Module 6.3 Marine Ecosystems Ocean Acidification: The "Other" CO2 Problem*

Chapter 7. Land Resources

Module 7.1 Forests Returning Trees to Haiti

Module 7.2 Soil Resources and Grasslands Restoring the Range*

Module 7.3 Mineral Resources No Stone Unturned*

Chapter 8. Food Resources

Module 8.1 Feeding the World A Gene Revolution

Module 8.2 Sustainable Agriculture: Raising Crops Farming Like an Ecosystem

Module 8.3 Agriculture: Raising Livestock Can Meat Be Part of a Healthy, Environmentally Conscious Diet?*

Online Module 8.4 Fisheries and Aquaculture Fish in a Warehouse?*

Chapter 9. Conventional Energy: Fossil Fuels

Module 9.1 Coal Bringing Down the Mountain

Module 9.2 Oil and Natural Gas The Bakken Oil Boom

Chapter 10. Air Pollution: Consequences of Using Fossil Fuels

Module 10.1 Air Pollution The Youngest Scientists

Online Module 10.2 Global Climate Change Climate Refugees

Chapter 11. Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Module 11.1 Nuclear Power The Future of Fukushima

Module 11.2 Sun, Wind, Water, and Earth Energy Fueled by the Sun

Module 11.3 Biofuels Gas from Grass*

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