Second Edition   ©2017

Stat 100 Incomplete Notes Workbook

Incomplete Notes Workbook

Ellen Fireman , Karle Flanagan , John Marden

  • ISBN-10: 0-7380-9050-6; ISBN-13: 978-0-7380-9050-4; Format: Spiral Bound, 272 pages

The Stat 100: Incomplete Notes Workbook offers a unique approach to teaching Statistics, one that has been extremely successful at University of Illinois in all teaching formats including large lectures and online.  The content is intuitive and emphasizes real understanding while minimizing jargon and memorization. Students actively complete exercises from the Workbook during lecture rather than passively receiving a canned lecture. 

Statistics is to data, what grammar is to words.  And like grammar, it’s only interesting if it’s used to understand something interesting via vivid examples.  If interesting questions are developed that can only be answered through learning statistics, the process becomes less painful and more productive for students. In Stat 100, statistics is used to research a topic we’re all interested in – ourselves.   A unique feature of this workbook is the use of the students’ own anonymous survey data to illustrate many statistical concepts.

Here’s what students have to say after completing Stat 100 with the Incomplete Notes Workbook approach:

  • They read the newspaper in a new way, without their eyes glazing over when they see quantitative information
  • They know what questions to ask when evaluating studies and surveys
  • They understand what questions can and cannot be answered by statistical arguments
  • They appreciate how much of what matters to them can be better understood through statistics
  • They feel more confident applying logical reasoning and common sense to quantitative topics but become aware that their intuition can be wrong
  • They realize they like statistics!