Second Edition   ©2012

Stepping Stones

A Guided Approach to Writing Sentences and Paragraphs

Chris Juzwiak

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-67599-2; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-67599-8; Format: Paper Text, 576 pages

Built from results-driven research with basic writers

With grants from the Hewlett Packard and Carnegie Foundations, Chris Juzwiak and a growing team of developmental instructors continue to uncover how basic writers learn best, pinpointing what encourages them, what discourages them, and how to serve their learning needs. Stepping Stones reflects the results of these studies with scaffolded exercises and instruction, color-coded parts of speech and writing concepts, and creative activities. With a strong visual appeal and clear explanations, this innovative textbook presents sentence and paragraph patterns so that all students can immediately grasp them, and offers carefully constructed guidance for developing and organizing ideas—-two of the most difficult tasks for developmental students
Award-winning educator, Chris Juzwiak, knows that many basic writing students have experienced failure in the past, but that with the right tools they can also become confident and successful learners.
“I love the exercises and how the book is organized. It makes my job easier. It’s all in the book and it’s very well done. Also, my students really enjoy the book. It holds their interest.”
–Nancy Spradlin, Cerritos College