Eleventh Edition   ©2015

Technical Communication with 2016 MLA Update

Mike Markel (Boise State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-08808-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-08808-8; Format: Paper Text, 768 pages

  Thoroughly revised instruction and examples throughout the text now highlight how collaboration is reshaping the workplace and the field. In response to instructor feedback about how the technical communication course is changing, the eleventh edition shows writers how to collaborate with future customers, stakeholders, and the public to produce technical documents. Essential updates include even more robust coverage of audience and purpose, annotated examples of documents produced in conjunction with stakeholders, and discussions of new research methods that entail audience analysis.

New kinds of writing reflect new practices that focus on communication as a process. Guidelines for managing a company microblog account, coverage of instructions delivered through help forums and discussion boards, and other new material on communication processes help students focus not only on documents and reports but on the types of ongoing communication they’ll need to manage.

Cutting-edge examples feature the latest tools and technologies. Prezi, collaborative writing software, infographics, LinkedIn, instructional videos, and other popular technologies are covered in greater depth than ever before.

Reimagined online content and tools support teaching and learning more effectively. LaunchPad for Technical Communication, our new course space, combines an interactive e-Book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options such as:

  • LearningCurve adaptive activities for the first ten chapters of the text, as well as the most serious grammatical errors and ESL topics

  • Document Analysis Activities with opportunities to assess multimedia sample documents, such as a proposal delivered as a Prezi presentation and instructions that use video screen capture

  • End-of-chapter cases that offer convenient downloads of the documents students need to work with

  • Digital writing tutorials that suggest ways to use free or common tools

  • "How to Cite" videos that show citation styles in action

  • A new test bank, created in response to instructor requests, that supports summative assessment.

LaunchPad also provides access to a gradebook that offers a window into your students' performance--either individually or as a whole. While a streamlined interface helps students focus on what’s due next, social commenting tools let them engage, make connections, and learn from each other. Use LaunchPad on its own or integrate it with your school’s learning management system so your class is always on the same page. To learn more about LaunchPad for Technical Communication or to request access, go to launchpadworks.com.