First Edition   ©2014

Understanding Rhetoric

A Graphic Guide to Writing

Elizabeth Losh , Jonathan Alexander , Kevin Cannon , Zander Cannon

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-64096-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-64096-5; Format: Paper Text, 304 pages

All the advice first-year writers need — in a compelling graphic format. Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing takes a rhetorical approach to the composition course, asking students to analyze the choices they and other writers make. The illustrations make challenging concepts (such as synthesis, ethos/pathos/logos, and a writer's identity) both clear and fun to read about, while visual reference features offer the quick help that student writers need.

ReFrame sections that focus on applying the advice in each chapter. Following a chapter's presentation of core material, student characters "reframe" the key concepts by tackling assignments such as analyzing written and visual texts and doing research.

Assignments at the end of each chapter. Each set of assignments includes a visual strand calling for analysis of images (including the contents of the chapters themselves) and suggested writing prompts for individual or collaborative projects, such as an analysis of the rhetoric of an online profile or a proposal for writing based on firsthand experience. More assignments and classroom activities appear on the free companion Web site.

Plentiful instructor support. An instructor's manual offers advice from Liz Losh and Jonathan Alexander for structuring a course using Understanding Rhetoric, with additional resources available online.