Available 12.22.2017
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Fourth Edition   ©2018

What Is Life? A Guide to Biology

Jay Phelan (University of California, Los Angeles)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06545-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06545-4; Format: Paper Text

New to this Edition

The Fourth Edition of What is Life? A Guide to Biology takes student interest and skill development to the next level, offering a more tightly focused text filled with competency-based features that gives students the opportunity to not just show what they know, but also prove and practice what they can do.

To help students maintain their focus on the key concepts, the text narrative has been carefully and thoughtfully trimmed throughout, while still maintaining Jay Phelan’s signature conversational style and engaging examples.

To improve the flexibility of the book, two of the longest chapters in the previous edition have been split into separate chapters:

  • Chemistry (3e Ch 2) is now Chemistry of Biology (4e Ch 2) and Molecules of Life (4e Ch 3)
  • DNA, Gene Expression, and Biotechnology (3e Ch 5) is now DNA & Gene Expression (4e Ch 6) + Biotechnology & Genomics (4e Ch 7)

New in LaunchPad

The new media program makes three of the hallmark features of the book, each of which are designed to develop student competencies, assignable:

  • This is How We Do It: Developing the ability to apply the process of science
  • Graphic Content: Learning to interpret visual displays of quantitative information and think critically about evidence
  • StreetBio: Applying the scientific knowledge we learn to improve our own lives

Also new

LaunchPad features now searchable by Bloom’s Taxonomy levels

LaunchPad features reorganized for easy of use

New Mobile-friendly e-Book Option from VitalSource

What is Life? Is now available in a mobile-friendly e-book format that includes animations.