Available 12.22.2017
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Fourth Edition   ©2018

What Is Life? A Guide to Biology

Jay Phelan (University of California, Los Angeles)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06545-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06545-4; Format: Paper Text

Part 1. The Facts of Life

1. Scientific thinking

2. The chemistry of biology

3. Molecules of life

4. A tour of the cell

5. Energy

Part 2. Genetics, Evolution, and Behavior

6. DNA and the expression of genes

7. Genomics and biotechnology

8. Chromosomes and cell division

9. Genes and inheritance

Part 3. Evolution and the Diversity of Life

10. Evolution and natural selection

11. Evolution and behavior

12. The origin and diversification of life on earth

13. Animal diversification

14. Plant and Fungi diversity

15. Evolution and diversity among the microbes

Part 4. Ecology and the Environment

16. Population ecology

17. Ecosystems, communities, and species interactions

18. Conservation biology