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About The Book
Organized to follow AP* Environmental (APES) Course Guidelines: This is the first textbook created to address the needs of teachers and students in the AP* Environmental Science Course. The authors have consulted the APES course guidelines and AP* exams from previous years to ensure that required concepts are covered appropriately. 

AP*-Specific Problems in the Text: To help your students succeed in the course and on the AP* exam, every chapter concludes with multiple choice and free response questions modeled after those found on the AP* exam. The end-of-chapter questions were written by former test development committee members. 

“Do the Math” Boxes: This unique feature allows students to review and practice basic math concepts such as dimensional analysis, unit conversion, working with data, reading and interpreting graphs, etc. that are necessary to handle the quantitative material associated with the APES course. The boxes are strategically placed to guide struggling math students through the course.

Working Toward Sustainability: Each chapter closes with a “Working Toward Sustainability” section that shows how individuals in the US and around the world are using the science discussed in the chapter to create a more sustainable world.

Science Applied: A four-page Science Applied section which appears every few chapters explores an important environmental issue and offers students an opportunity to see science in action. This feature examines how the science presented in the chapter is used or at times misused to make decisions about the most important contemporary environmental issues.
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