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Understanding Quotations

Using Quotations

Modifying Quotations

Integrating Quotations


Understanding Paraphrases

Writing Paraphrases

Integrating Paraphrases


Understanding Summaries

Writing Summaries

Integrating Summaries


How to Work with Information from Sources

Using Colons

Passage from Maria's Draft:

Gough agrees: "They are one fun audience to work with, and you learn from them every day. There are a variety of diverse cultures every day that in any other situation might not work at all." That diversity, however, seems to work in the IEP. Former student Munehito Endo says he is still benefiting from the IEP: "Whenever I have a problem they still help me out, even though I'm not in the program anymore."

In Maria's article, she uses a colon on more than one occasion to set up quotations. The text shown in red illustrates how Maria also uses signal phrases to integrate the quotations more smoothly into her article. Because she is using quotations obtained during interviews and journalistic style for her documentation, she uses the speaker's name before the quotation to identify the source.

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