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Modifying Quotations

Research writers have an obligation to quote their sources fairly and accurately but often run into difficulties when using modified quotations. The two most common problems are failing to indicate that you have deleted words, and deleting words in a way that significantly alters the meaning of the original passage. Some of the most useful strategies writers can use to modify quotations include

  • using ellipses (...) to indicate deleted words, and
  • using brackets [ ] to clarify meaning.

If you don't use ellipses or brackets when you change or add words, readers will assume the quotation you are presenting is identical to the text found in the source. For more detailed information about modifying or punctuating quotations, see your textbook.

In this demonstration, we'll show examples of how to modify quotations correctly from student writers Maria Sanchez-Traynor, Patrick Crossland, and Gaele Lopez.

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