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Understanding Quotations

Using Quotations

Modifying Quotations

Integrating Quotations


Understanding Paraphrases

Writing Paraphrases

Integrating Paraphrases


Understanding Summaries

Writing Summaries

Integrating Summaries


How to Work with Information from Sources

Integrating Summaries

Integrating summaries into your project document is similar to integrating either paraphrases or quotations into your work. When taking notes for your project document, you've probably already summarized some information and arguments from different sources, especially if they were comprehensive. If you've already taken time to summarize some of the information you've come across, it might be possible for you to simply insert the summary into your project document.

As with paraphrased information, it is important that the summarized information suit your document. To do this, it may be necessary for you to revise the summary so it fits into the context and tone of your document. One way to ensure a smooth transition of ideas is to use signal phrases, such as according to, in other words, in the words of, the author indicates, the authors writes, etc. Signal phrases often use the name of the author or the title of the source the information is drawn from to help distinguish your ideas from those of your source information.

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