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Drafting a Preliminary Thesis Statement

Developing & Refining a Thesis Statement

Build on Your Research Question

Consider Your Purpose & Role

Consider Your Readers

Consider Scope


How to Develop a Thesis Statement


A thesis statement presents the main point you want to make about the issue you've addressed in your research question. Developing an effective thesis statement begins with creating a response to your research question. This response is called a preliminary thesis statement. Once you've created your preliminary thesis statement, you can begin to develop and refine your thesis statement by reviewing your research question and your preliminary thesis statement, considering your purpose and role, adapting your thesis statement to the needs and interests of your readers, and considering the scope of your thesis statement. The process ends with a well-defined thesis statement that provides a focus for your project document.

In this research guide, you'll learn how to develop a thesis statement. To do so, follow the links below:

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