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Searching Newsgroups, Email Lists, and Discussion Forums

Newsgroups, electronic mail lists, and Web discussion forums support discussions among individuals who share an interest in an issue or belong to a particular community. You can read a message sent to a mailing list, sometimes referred to as a listserv, in the same way that you read other email messages. You can read messages posted to newsgroups and Web discussion forums using most Web browsers.

A small number of specialized search sites allow you to search these discussion venues. Catalist ( and ( allow you to seach for email lists. Forum Zilla ( supports searches of Web discussion forums. Google Groups ( allows you to search for newsgroups and newsgroup posts. And Newzbot ( allows you to search for newsgroups.

In this demonstration, we'll conduct a search for newsgroup messages using Google Groups. To begin this demonstration, click on the Continue button.


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