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Searching Categories

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How to Search the Web

Conducting a Simple Search

Web search sites are databases that allow you to search for Web sites that might be relevant to your research project. The most widely known Web search sites inlude Google (, MSN Search (, and AllTheWeb (

Conducting a simple search on the Web is accomplished by entering a keyword or phrase in a search field and clicking on a search button. For example, to locate information for a research project about the role of computers in writing instruction, you could use one or more of the following keywords and phrases:

  • writing
  • teaching
  • computers
  • technology
  • writing instruction
  • computers and writing
  • computer-based instruction

You can find a list of Web search sites in the Bedford Research Room's Links pages.

In this demonstration, you'll view a simple search on Google. To begin this demonstration, click on the Continue button.


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