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How to Create a Works Cited or References List

Where Do I Place the Works Cited or References List in My Document?

The first step in documenting your sources is to decide which type of documentation system you want to use. The decision should be based on your teacher's instructions for your writing project, or if the choice is up to you, the discipline in which you are writing. The four main types of documentation (MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE) are each used in particular types of disciplines for different reasons.

Most often, the works cited or references list is placed at the end of the document on a separate page. In print documents and linear documents distributed electronically (such as a word processing file or a newsgroup post), the works cited or references list usually appears at the end of the document. In the case of longer documents, the list might appear at the end of chapters or sections. In electronic documents that use links, such as a Web site, the works cited or references list often appears as a separate page to which other pages are linked.

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