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Invitation to the Life Span

Created BY psychologists FOR psychologists, DevelopmentPortal is a breakthrough online learning space. Specifically built around the new edition, DevelopmentPortal combines:

  • A Multimedia-enhanced eBook
    The eBook fully integrates the text and its images with a rich assortment of media resources and customization features for students and instructors. The eBook is also available in a stand-alone version outside DevelopmentPortal.

  • Diagnostic Quizzing and Study Plans
    Students can take advantage of DevelopmentPortal’s research-based diagnostic quizzing to focus their studying where it is needed most.

  • Videos from Worth’s Video Tool Kit for Human Development
    This unprecedented collection of classic and cutting-edge video is now available within Worth’s developmental psychology eBooks, with video-based activities linked in to specific sections of each chapter where appropriate.  See below for more about the Video Tool Kit for Human Development.

  • Assignment Center
    Instructors can easily construct and administer tests and quizzes based on the Test Bank questions or create your own questions. Quizzes are randomized and timed, and instructors can receive summaries of student results in reports that follow the section order of the chapters.

  • Course Materials
    In this convenient location, students can access all media associated with the book, and instructors will find a variety of videos, pre-made PowerPoint presentations, for classroom and online presentation.

Now Exclusively Online for Students! Video Tool Kit for Human Development
Worth’s Video Tool Kit for developmental psychology courses offer an unprecedented variety of classic and cutting-edge video in a powerful, yet easy to use and completely customizable online format. It spans the full range of standard topics for the child development course, with over 80 student video activities that contain brief clips of research and news footage from the BBC Motion Library, UNICEF, and other sources. These activities are easily assignable and assessable by an instructor.

Click here for Virtual Model Kit demo
click here for Video Tool Kit demo

    The student version of this edition’s Video Tool Kit is now available exclusively online. It spans the full range of standard topics for the child development course, with over 80 student video activities that contain brief clips of research and news footage from the BBC Motion Library, UNICEF, and other sources. These activities are easily assignable and assessable by an instructor.
    In addition to the student video activities, the Video Tool Kit offers instructors hundreds of additional clips—over 400, all closed captioned and easily downloadable in QuickTime and MPEG formats for easy integration into a PPT presentation. Clips can be used to introduce central topics, stimulate class discussions, or challenge students’ critical thinking skills—either in class or via out-of-class assignments.

Instructors Resource CD-ROM, 1-4292-3420-2 and
The Worth Publishers Video Collection (DVD), 1-4292-4115-2
Each feature a “best of” collection of 150 of the most popular and compelling clips from the collection.  In addition to the videos, the IRCD includes:
• All figures and tables from the text
• Chapter Art and Outline PowerPoint Slides for each chapter
• Enhanced Lecture PowerPoint Slides by Martin Wolger and Michael James, both of Ivy Tech Community College –Bloomington
• Video PowerPoint Presentation Slides that make it easy to integrate every video clip from the Instructor’s Resource CD

Journey Through the Life Span Developmental Video Series
4 DVDs and accompanying Student Observation Guide
3 VHS Cassettes and Accompanying Student Observation Workbook
This evocative series enables students to observe children from birth through adolescence in day care centers, schools, homes, and doctors’ offices, and from a multitude of cultures and communities across the globe (Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia).

The Berger Invitation to the Life Span Companion Web Site at
The companion Web site provides students with a virtual study guide, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Best of all, these resources are free and do not require access codes or passwords.
The site includes:
• Detailed Chapter Outlines
• Learning Objectives
• Interactive Flashcards in English and Spanish
• Glosario/Glossary (an online Spanish–English glossary)
• Online Quizzes
• Annotated Web Links
A password-protected Instructor Site offers a full array of teaching resources, including PowerPoint slides, an online quiz gradebook, and links to additional tools.

Test Bank, printed: 1-4292-2060-0; CD (Windows and Mac versions on one disc): 1-4292-1971-8
Co-authored by Kathleen Stassen Berger, the Test Bank includes more than 100 multiple-choice and 80 fill-in, true-false, and essay questions for each chapter.  Each question is keyed to the textbook by topic and page number, and is rated for level of difficulty.

Online Testing, powered by Diploma
(access via the Test Bank CD)
With Diploma, instructors can create and administer secure exams over a network and over the Internet, with questions that incorporate multimedia and interactive exercises.

Transitions Throughout the Life Span
A telecourse produced by Coast Learning Systems and Worth Publishers
Coast Telecourse Study Guide available
For more information, visit or call 1-800-547-4748.

Instructor’s Resources, 1-4292-1901-7
Richard O. Straub, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Long regarded as the richest collection of instructor’s resources in developmental psychology, the Resources feature: 
• Chapter-by-chapter previews and lecture guides
• Learning objectives
• Course planning suggestions
• Springboard topics for discussion and debate
• Handouts for student projects and ideas for term projects
• Supplementary readings from journal articles
• A guide to integrating audiovisual material and software into the course

Study Guide, 1-4292-1902-5
Richard O. Straub, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Each chapter includes a review of key concepts, guided study questions, and section reviews that encourage students’ active participation in the learning process; two practice tests and a challenge test help them assess their mastery of the material.  Applications and observational activities are also included.

Readings on the Development of Children, Fifth Edition, Edited by Mary Gauvain, University of California, Riverside and Michael Cole, University of California, San Diego

Worth Publishers
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