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1,300 students were asked to read and study Chapter 10, “Constructing an Adult Life,” from Janet Belsky’s forthcoming Experiencing the Lifespan. These students’ responses are summarized below.




 The following are comments from students who used Belsky’s Chapter 10,  “Constructing an  Adult Life,” in their lifespan development class in Spring, 2005.

"I liked the way it focused on real world events that were relevant for me.”
--Susan Cipriani, University of Illinois at Chicago

“I especially enjoyed reading Erikson’s perception of the importance of developing one’s own identity as opposed to having it developed for you.”
--Chris Greenfield, California State University, Dominguez Hills

“I thought it was good how they looked at a variety of life options rather than just the traditional ideas.”
--Miranda Estes, Montana State University, Bozeman

“I liked that it was understandable, easy to read, interesting and applicable to what I’m currently experiencing in life.”
--Kerry Walsh, City University

“All of the concepts were explained in a very clear and simple way.”
--Waletia Gaffney, Winston-Salem State University

“The ‘Tying Things Up’ parts were a great way to reinforce what I just finished reading.”
--Erin O’Rourke, Spring Hill College

“I liked how the author included personal examples from a variety of different groups and cultures. It is interesting to hear how emerging adults live their lives in different parts of the world.”
--Trisha LaVoy, North Dakota State University

“The text grabbed my attention from beginning to end.”
--Melody A. Mallett, Winston-Salem State University

“It felt more realistic, as if someone was talking directly to me.”
--Michael Hardee, Winston-Salem State University

“I really enjoyed this book because it showed me that there are many people going through similar things I will go through, from school to adulthood to relationship problems.”
--Sherida Hinton, Winston-Salem State University

“What I liked best about this chapter was how it addressed the issue of social norms as being ever-changing according to the economy, technology, and new discoveries.”
--Stacey Reid, Hampton University

“The pictures went outside of just white or even white and black. I recognized Middle Eastern, Hispanic and even Italian references. I think this displays the author’s competency in the fact that the world is made up of many different people, and that everyone has to go through changes.”
--Catherine Leverette, Hampton University

“I loved the conversational writing style with all the graphs and side facts.”
--Crystal Rivers, Fort Lewis College

“The [frequently asked] questions [FAQ’s] throughout the book really got me thinking.”
--Ashley M. Vaughan, Fort Lewis College

“I really liked the ‘Tying Things Up’ section review. It was interesting to use what I just learned to answer questions that related to my life now.”
--Kellie Etz, Lewis College

“I think the author did a good job presenting both sides, positive and negative, to the arguments or concepts being learned.”
--Ashley Allar, University of St. Francis

“I enjoyed reading about the similarities in our generation across the U.S. and in other countries.”
--Kenyatta Evans, University of St. Francis

“It was so in touch with my life right now.”
--Melissa Ashford, Texas State University

“More books need to be written like this! The chapter portrays life through changing times, such as highlighting more on cohabitation, homosexuality, and virtual dating.”
--Keri N. Tavarez, St. Mary’s University

“The author has done a great job with the text and has made the information presented applicable to the reader’s life through her descriptions, examples, and detail.”
--Carlos Davila, St. Mary’s University

“Most textbooks usually give fact after fact, but this chapter showed signs of life with interesting insets.”
--Jessica Lynn Morales, St. Mary’s University

“The organization made it much easier to learn and the questions at the end of each section helped me to be sure I understood the concepts.”
--Tonya Lambert, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“I felt the chapter did a great job explaining concepts without just giving the word and then the definition.”
--Tracy Hoyle, North Carolina Wilmington

“I was impressed with the author’s ability to grab my attention and maintain my focus on the content.”
--Jennifer Smith, Southern Arkansas University

“The explanations were thoroughly and clearly stated. I didn’t have any trouble reading through the text or any complications understanding it.”
--Jacinda Valencia, San Jacinto College South

“I found it helpful not only as a Psychology resource but also for life in general.”
--Bethany Schaefer, Austin Community College

 Following are some quotes from instructors who piloted Chapter 10, “Constructing  an Adult  Life,” from Belsky’s Experiencing the Lifespan in Spring 2005.

“Janet Belsky should be commended for a text that is current, informative, and clearly presented. I have been looking for a text that is relevant to students today, and this is that text. Students could relate to the information, and the instructor had ample resources to cover the material.”
--Marlys Bratteli, North Dakota State University

“I found myself reading the text from cover to cover. The chapter was relevant to today’s young adult and is easier to read. It engages the students and keeps their interest.”
--Nancy Mazurek, Long Beach City College

“My students loved this chapter. They actually read it (a triumph in itself), and offered uniformly positive comments. As an instructor, I found the chapter to be very appealing. It is concise without being simplistic….I plan to switch to this text as soon as it is available.”
--Pamela Manners, Troy State University

“I’m particularly impressed with Belsky’s ability to provide supportive research summaries for chapter topics without providing too many. Two major competitive undergraduate lifespan texts, while excellent in providing topic coverage, confuse students with the presentation of too many pieces of research.”
--Doug Friedrich, University of West Florida

“My students really liked this chapter. It is different than in most texts, but it seems that the transition from adolescence to adulthood has gotten more complex in our complex society. The topics of identity and love and attachment seem to go well together.”
--Barbara Nicoll, University of LaVerne

“I liked the interventions in the text. They help make the material much more applicable to students. This is a great asset to a text! Good job!”
--Steven Voss, Moberly Area Community College

“Belsky has provided us with a clear, concise presentation of the covered information that is both engaging and entertaining. This is a superior writing style and is very student-friendly. Belsky’s approach complements my teaching style to a great extent….The FAQ’s in the margins of the pages are a very useful pedagogical tool. I have used them as the basis for both classroom discussions and essay questions on exams.”
--Barry Stennett, Gainesville College

“I felt the quality of the chapter was high, and the topic was indeed appealing as it was presented as being about a new life stage to be placed between adolescence and young adulthood.”
--Gary Felt, City University (Bellevue, WA)

“I enjoyed Janet Belsky’s writing style. I found her stories engaging, her examples relevant to most traditional college-age students but with some comments included for non-traditional ages; the tables were easy to read and clear. My students really seemed to enjoy reading the chapter, so I would say her style is student-friendly.”
--Norma Caltagirone, Hillsborough Community College

“I was drawn to the writing style and enjoyed the evaluation experience. My students expressed overwhelmingly positive reactions.”
--James Collins, Middle Georgia College

“Overall, my students had a great deal of praise for Janet Belsky’s Experiencing the Lifespan. Most of them preferred Dr. Belsky’s chapter to the comparable chapters in their current text. They particularly enjoyed Dr. Belsky’s less formal, more conversational writing style. Based on my students’ glowing reviews of Dr. Belsky’s chapter, I will definitely consider adopting the text.”
--Denise Simonsen, Fort Lewis College

“I found the material to be interest, relevant, and very readable. Dr. Belsky’s presentation of theory and analyses are clear, detailed, and well supported with examples. Her emphasis on cross-cultural issues is excellent.”
--Denise Simonsen, Fort Lewis College

“I felt this chapter as a breeze of fresh air—I have never read something like this chapter before. The author is expert in interweaving cultures, theories, and realities coherently using extremely interesting graphics, charts, narratives, and excellent questions. No wonder all of my current students who are taking Lifespan Development love this chapter.”
--Ling-Yi Zhou, University of St. Francis

“Chapter 11 went over very well with my students. I also liked it. I found it to be up-to-date in terms of research, attractive, quick to read, and easily accessible…End-of-section reviews were very helpful. The students really liked them. I often look for those features in the texts that I choose, as students need them to get a better sense of what they understand or don’t.”
--Heather Hill, St. Mary’s University

“My students and I enjoyed using this chapter in our work this semester. It was easy to follow and generated wonderful class discussions.”
--Sarah Kern, The College of New Jersey

“Fine job, Ms. Belsky. I am very impressed.”
--Robin Campbell, Brevard Community College

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