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Impact Research
and optimization

We partner with instructors and institutions to provide expert consulting to help them to rigorously research outcomes, contexts, and product use cases

Once studies are approved by the Institutional Review Board, we help instructors to establish essential baseline data for their course and student population, such as previous academic performance, demographic data, perception, motivation, and confidence

We meticulously document their classroom environment, course structure, and use of the product through classroom observations, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and product data

We analyze relationships between these findings and student outcomes (including course and exam grades, retention, and completion) to provide them with insights, including suggestions for how to further improve results.

We perform meta-analyses over multiple courses, instructors, and institutions to identify trends and best practices for how to improve outcomes

We use a variety of established and cutting-edge methodologies, including cluster analysis to identify common characteristics, rapid-cycle evaluations to explore use cases and outcomes for continuously evolving digital solutions, and efficacy studies to control for different contributors to and drivers of outcomes

A panel of leading experts critique our methods, results, and claims

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We also monitor instructor and course outcomes nationally to identify where we can provide additional or better support and training