Tips and Strategies for the First Days of Class

Explain your choice: You spent time considering texts, supplements, media, and on-line solutions that would mirror your course goals and teaching style. So, spend a few minutes telling your students why these tools will help them succeed in your course.

Show the book: Show the book, the package, and any materials you will be using. Be specific about how you expect them to use the book in class.

“It is required.” It is as simple as that! Telling your students they need the books, they will benefit from the books, and that you will assign, quiz, or test FROM the book will encourage them to get involved with the course materials.

Use our materials: We have created a suite of materials: syllabus inserts, PPT slides, handouts, and videos – that you can include in your first course to communicate the importance of course materials to your student. Need something more? Just ask us!

Ask for help: We are here to help you. Contact your local representative for a First Days of Class presentation and they will gladly come in to spend a few minutes with your students to demonstrate web registration, a new piece of technology, a new study aid, a customized textbook, student response system …whatever you might need. Help is just a click away! Find my sales rep.