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Molly Peacock (b. 1947)
Our Room, Say You Love Me

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Molly Peacock (b. 1947) Born in Buffalo, New York, Peacock was educated at the State University of New York at Binghamton and at Johns Hopkins University, where she received an M.A. with honors in 1977. From 1970 to 1973, she was the director of academic advising at Binghamton. She was appointed honorary fellow at Johns Hopkins in 1977 and, in the following year, poet-in-residence at the Delaware State Arts Council in Wilmington. Since 1979, she has directed the Wilmington Writing Workshops. She has published in many magazines, including the Southern Review, the Ohio Review, and the Massachusetts Review. She has published four books of poems, And Live Apart (1980), Raw Heaven (1984), Take Heart (1989), the latter dealing with her father's alcoholism and the mental and physical abuse she endured while growing up, and, most recently, Original Love (1995). She was also co-editor of Poetry in Motion: 100 Poems from the Subways and Buses (1996), a collection of the popular poems displayed on placards in New York City's subways and buses.

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