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Punyakante Wijenaike  (b. 1933)


SAWNET: South Asian Women Writers

This comprehensive site provides information about Wijenaike's work and life, and also provides links to many other women writers from southern Asia.

The Sunday Times Plus Section, 3/21/99

A review of Wijenaike's book An Enemy Within from the Sunday Times. The article is concerned with non-violent activists, and takes up this theme in relation to Wijenaike's work.

Punyakante Wijenaike (b. 1933). One of Sri Lanka's most accomplished novelists, Punyakante Wijenaike was born in 1933 in the city of Colombo, where she has lived most of her life and has published all of her works. When she was young, her grandmother scolded her for reading books, claiming it was not an activity for girls, but her mother encouraged her to read, and her lonely childhood led her to develop an active imagination. Her first book, the short story collection The Third Woman, appeared in 1963, and she now has twelve publications to her credit, including the novels The Waiting Earth (1966), Giraya (1971), The Betel Vine (1972), The Rebel (1979), and A Way of Life (1987). Wijenaike's work exhibits a robust social consciousness, often focusing on issues of minority oppression and ethnic tension in Colombo.

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