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The resampling procedures (bootstrap and permutation tests) discussed in Chapter 14 of Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 5e must be implemented by software. We recommend S-PLUS, together with two libraries that make using resampling with IPS easy: S+IPSdata contains the datasets for the book, and S+Resample supplies resampling software and a menu interface.

Information you need to use S-PLUS for resampling


1. Download S-PLUS

You must have a copy of S-PLUS for Windows, version 6.1 or higher. If you are a university student, you can download a free copy of the S-PLUS Student Edition to install on your personal Windows PC. Visit, follow the instructions to register as a student, and download the software. Install S-PLUS on your computer. We recommend allowing the installation program to choose file locations.
You must have a copy of S-PLUS for Windows, version 6.1 or higher. (You can also use a Unix/Linux version, but it lacks the menu interface that we feel is important for student use.) You can obtain a trial version and contact information for personal or site licenses at

2. Download two new libraries for S-PLUS:

The IPSdata library and the
S+Resample library
The libraries are sent as ZIP archives. You will require a program that enables you to open these files, such as WinZip.
Save the archives in a convenient location, then unzip both. Not all zip programs behave the same, alas. We recommend right-clicking on each archive, choosing "Extract to...." and specifying "IPSdata" as the destination folder.
Then look at the .Prefs folders in both the IPSdata and resample folders: right-click, choose "Properties," and be sure that "Read-only" is checked. It is set that way, but some zip programs lose this setting. If not checked, then select it and choose the option to apply read-only to all files in the folder.
2. Place the IPSdata and resample folders in your S-PLUS library directory. If you allowed the S-PLUS installer to choose folder locations, this directory is at C:\Program Files\Insightful\splusXX\library where XX is the version number of your software, such as splus62.

3. Try it out:

You are now ready to add new resampling features to S-PLUS and to load the IPS data sets. Launch S-PLUS by clicking its icon. In the "File" menu at the far left, go to "Load Library". The IPSdata library should be the first entry in the list of libraries you see in the dialog box that appears. Be sure its name is highlighted, then click OK. This loads all of the IPS data files and also loads the S+Resample library.
To check that S-PLUS is ready to use for resampling, look at the "Statistics" menu. Go down to "Resample". You should see entries for "Bootstrap" and "Permutation Test". Then, in the S-PLUS Object Explorer, click on "Search Path" if it is not already expanded. (You can open the Object Explorer by clicking on an icon that looks like an open box with three things floating above it.) Click on "IPSdata". You should now see a list of all the data sets for IPS. Finally, there should also be a new entry at the right of the main S-PLUS menu bar, titled IPSdata. This menu has options to view the manual, view help files, view example code for exercises, or open a dataset.