• The Hockenburys’ Distinctive Narrative Approach. The textbook engages students and helps them see the applications of psychology to real life. While the text is rich in scholarship and research, the language is neither overwhelming nor confusing.

  • An Emphasis on Culture and Issues of Diversity. The authors weave cultural coverage throughout the text both to increase student awareness of the importance of culture in psychology and to show students how cultural influences shape behavior and attitudes.

  • Integrated and Thorough Coverage of Gender. Gender influences and gender differences are discussed throughout. In addition, the authors have provided the full names of researchers in the References section at the end of the text to help identify contributions made by female researchers.

  • Class-Tested Pedagogy. Chapter Opening Prologues share interesting and true anecdotes that directly relate to chapter material; Chapter Outlines; Advance Organizers precede major sections; and the Chapter Review, Chapter Summaries, Key People, and Key Terms provide students with a clear review of all key terms, concepts, and contributors to the field in each chapter.

  • Engaging Boxes. Critical Thinking boxes encourage students to think about the broader implications of psychological research; Culture and Human Behavior boxes highlight gender, cross-cultural, and multicultural issues; Science versus Pseudoscience boxes challenge students.

  • Free Study Guide. Discovering Psychology is always available packaged with its Study Guide at no extra cost.
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