Alfred Rosa


"I love Subject & Strategy. It combines insightful information about
pertinent writing strategies with well-chosen, timely essays. It truly is
the best reader I've ever used."
-Eileen Figure Sandlin, Northwood University

"I have reviewed many readers over the years and Subject & Strategy is
truly one of the best. This is a highly engaging reader for the 21st
century learner."
-Katawna Caldwell, Eastfield College

"Subject & Strategy provides a modern, progressive, and all-encompassing
approach to empowering students in writing."
-Melissa Rude, Western Technical College


"A consistent, comprehensive look at the writing process. The selections have been thoughtfully chosen to provide support for the writing process and to meet the needs of our student populations."

Tamera Davis, Northern Oklahoma College

"The text has about everything you could ask for: concise instructional passages, sections dedicated to targeted writing skills, and a great selection of readings."

Courtney Huse Wika, Black Hills State University

"This text offers one of the best mixes of classic essays and contemporary pieces that I've seen."

Donald Stinson, Northern Oklahoma College


"From its comprehensive insight into basic college writing strategies to its current and relevant readings, Subject & Strategy is the best reader I've ever used. Add in the low price point, and Subject & Strategy is a real winner!"
Eileen Sandlin, Northwood University

"Subject & Strategy stands well above other readers in its price range. It has a great selection of essays along with good coverage of the reading, writing, and research processes. It also addresses grammar and has MLA guidelines. It provides everything students need at an excellent price."
Pam Solberg, Western Technical College

"Subject & Strategy is the best text I've come across."
Andralena Panczenko, California State University, Northridge

“The emphasis on language use is what sets this book above the rest in my opinion. The readings are tailor-made for engaging students in discussions about the writing process in an interesting and meaningful way.” –Erin Presley, Eastern Kentucky University

Language Awareness continually provides engaging topics relevant to my students’ lives and encourages them to join in the ongoing conversation about the power of language in their current world as well as in the larger global environment into which they will be entering.” –Judi Crowe, Millikin University

“Unlike so many textbooks, Language Awareness is a book to keep and refer back to, and provides so many thoughtful essays that stir critical thinking.” –Joseph Marmaud, Missouri Western State University

Language Awareness teaches students to make sense of the written word, empowering them to become more critical readers and to make sound rhetorical choices in their own writing.” –Alissa Danckaert-Skovira, The University of Akron


Alfred Rosa

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